Dan & Meghan Get Married

If you're reading this, it probably means you've received an invitation to our wedding party. We sincerely hope you can celebrate our nuptials with us on April 22, 2022 starting 6:00 PM at Cescaphe Ballroom in Philadelphia, but we've been moving pretty quickly so we totally understand if you can't make it.

We answer frequently asked questions below, but first things first, please be sure to RSVP!

How do I RSVP? βœ…

Please fill out this form to let us know if you are or are not planning to attend!

Will there be a wedding ceremony? πŸ‘°

Nope! We'll be "quasi-eloping" two weeks prior to this party with our nuclear families making this wedding party somewhat nontraditional.

There will be some wedding vibes, but for the most part it will just be a huge party (read: great food and top-shelf open bar) with our closest family & friends.

What's the dress code? πŸ‘—

Festive. For women, that means color, bold jewelry, and sparkly details that show you're ready to have a good time. For men, that means a playful vibe such as a velvet blazer or classic suit with a fun tie.

Google Image yielded this helpful graphic.

Is there a wedding registry? 🎁

No, but we did just buy a house and we own not a single piece of furniture but for a dining room table (no chairs) and a mattress so a gift card at a place like Crate & Barrel or Restoration Hardware would be apt.

Goodbye nomadic minimalists; hello suburban maximalists!

Will there be anything the night before? πŸ₯³

Yes! Everyone is invited to join us for open bar drinks and buffet-style German food at our favorite venues in Philadelphia: Frankford Hall in Fishtown. Food and drink goes from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM and we'll be staying until 10:00 PM.

Where should we stay in Philadelphia? 🏨

Cescaphe Ballroom is located in our favorite neighborhood in Philly: Northern Liberties / Fishtown.

Sadly, there are no hotels yet located in these neighborhoods so we'll be staying at an Airbnb hotel instead called The Archway. It's small, but might still have some rooms by the time you check.

There's another really cool Airbnb hotel in Fishtown called Mulherin's Hotel located above William Mulherin's & Son's restaurant. We probably would have stayed here but for it's one weakness: it's located right next to the El and has a lot of train noise. If you're a light sleeper, look elsewhere.

Other than these, there a couple Sonders in Old City including Vine, The Edison, Old City if you're trying to stay close to the venue.

Otherwise, we'd recommend staying in Center City close to Rittenhouse Square. Don't hesitate to call or text us if you're looking for customized recommendations based on your own preferences!


Cookie tables are a Pittsburgh wedding tradition. Accordingly, Meghan will be coordinating. Please reach out to her if you want to get involved or check her Google Sheet!